How to strategically use foods, nutrients, herbs and chemical compounds stay alive and healthy during any collapse.

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"Easily the most informative and lifesaving collection of nutrition secrets I've ever found."

–Retired US Army military intelligence officer, and intel source for Natural News

What you will learn in


  • How to strategically use foods, nutrients, remedies, chemicals and herbs to stay alive during a collapse
  • Which fruit trees can produce fruit in the FIRST YEAR of planting

  • How to replace scarce medication with abundant healing foods in a collapse scenario
  • Why most of the popular "survival food" products are nothing more than processed food garbage that won't help you survive
  • How to protect and enhance your cognitive function and alertness with foods and nutrients
  • How to grow your own mineral supplements without using soil or sunlight
  • Which foods and herbs are natural antibiotics (that you can grow yourself)
  • Exactly which mineral compounds to stockpile before SHTF
  • The top myths of foods and nutrition that will get people killed in a collapse
  • Which grocery items to stockpile NOW in preparation for severe food shortages
  • Learn which element you can stockpile that serves as money and antibacterial medicine

  • What food processing equipment you need to own right now, before the supply lines crater
  • How to make your own high-capacity water filter
  • The best technique for extracting medicine from herbs (takes only 20 minutes)
  • How to use honey as a natural antibiotic and wound treatment
  • Why you need to stockpile SALT and BAKING SODA now, and why these simple, low-cost substances can save your life
  • How to stretch your survival food supplies to double or triple their planned duration